Thomas Schwenke is a recognized and respected antique furniture expert with experience spanning over 40 years. He is an acknowledged authority on American antique furniture, and the premier dealer expert in American federal furniture in particular. He has lectured extensively on American federal furniture, and is routinely consulted on questions of authenticity and value of American federal furniture because of his renowned knowledge.

He has exhibited in many of the country's finest antique shows, including the Winter Antiques Show, Philadelphia Antiques Show, International Antiques Show, and many more. He is a member of many dealer associations, and has been vetting director of the ADA and the Antiques Council, in which he maintains membership. Institutions, private collectors, designers, decorators and architects are proud to be his clients.

In 1988, Mr. Schwenke co-sponsored with Georgetown University the acclaimed Bicentennial Exhibition of American Federal Furniture...a testament to his expertise. The exhibition was documented in a video available for purchase, and at that time Mr. Schwenke conceived and originated "American Federal Classics" ™ an exclusive handmade collection of federal replica furniture based on some of the finest originals.

Mr. Schwenke's showrooms are a visual confirmation of his many years of experience and his well-honed taste and selectivity. The showrooms are set in period barns with nicely detailed exposed beams and many original details. The antique furniture pieces he offers are superior examples and each has some particularly noteworthy aspect which justifies Mr. Schwenke's "signature" presentation of their tangible value and aesthetic merit. A clear theme emerges from his presentation - quality, integrity, knowledge and experience. Mr. Schwenke is enthusiastic and passionate about his "signature" items. The showrooms are friendly and inviting, and Mr. Schwenke is always willing to share his experience and knowledge.

50 Main Street North
Woodbury, Connecticut 06798

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